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May 2013

SEO... We can help!

squareSEO, or Search Engine Optimization is, improves the visibility of a website to search engines. SEO considers how search engines work, which search terms the website wants to be found under, and what people search for, as they apply to your website needs.

Optimizing the words in a website, both code and plain text, is often called "organic" SEO or internal SEO. It involves editing its text-based content and HTML code to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Treeline Dental Websites come with internal SEO included for FREE.
Is 2013 the "Year of Mobile" for your practice?
Optimizing the links pointing to a website is often called external SEO. It involves links on other websites, article writing and submission, blogging, etc.

SEO is part circumstance and part science. External SEO is circumstance because of variables like how unique a particular doctor or practice name may be, how well it matches their domain name, and how many dentists are competing for attention in that location. Also factor in if they are known online in other ways via groups, articles, etc. Organic SEO is a science in that having good page titles, descriptions that match the desired search terms, and having a well organized site, is a proven practice with predictable results.

Who is your target audience and how do you target them? This may be done a few different ways. One way is to create an offer that appeals to your target audience. Let’s say you want to target patients who may be interested in more cosmetic services. You may decide to advertise on your website that your practice has a great offer around a specific teeth whitening product or service. If you add this information to your website, and craft your SEO to reflect it, then those searching for teeth whitening can be directed to your website as a relevant search match, thus increasing your chances of acquiring new patients.

Next, how would your website stand out from other dental practice websites that offer the same services? A variety of methods can increase the prominence of a webpage within the search results. Adding new content to your website tends to increase search rankings. Using social media to increase your online presence can also help you stand out.

Your website needs to be attractive, professional, and unique to set it apart from the competition and to draw online traffic. Each and every day, people search online for a new dentist, or to find out about a dentist they have been referred to by another source. When someone is looking, you want to be found.

Want to get started with SEO? Treeline Dental Websites now offers several SEO packages at very competitive rates. Call Lyza today for information and details on specific options and to get pricing. Also, the “Refer a Friend” offer from last month, (earn a $250 gift certificate by referring another office to Treeline); will be extended to the end of June.

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